From Lincoln Center to the Kennedy (Space) Center (or, how I really wanted to be an astronaut instead of Astrofiammante)

I’ve always felt a bit of an odd one amongst my opera-singing colleagues. Of course, many singers can point to an earlier dream or vocation: there are famous examples of those who were on their way to becoming doctors, lawyers, and scientists when they were ‘discovered’ to have an amazing singing voice, or started out playing an instrument before deciding to pursue a vocal career. But the majority have wanted to be opera singers since early childhood. Not me. I didn’t decide I wanted to study singing until my late teens, and didn’t start to specialise as a classical singer until part way through my bachelor’s degree.

What I really wanted to be when I grew up was an astronaut. Star Trek reruns (I’m too young *ahem* to have watched the original series when it first aired) and the Space Shuttle programme fired my pre-adolescent imagination…wow, I want to go to outer space! 


I was reminded of those old dreams recently, taking my youngest son to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We got to meet an actual astronaut, Anna Fisher, who was among the first American women (and the first mother) to go into space, and I remembered how exciting it was to learn that girls could grow up to be astronauts in real life, not just on TV.

Somehow music took over from studying the science or engineering I would have needed to apply to the space programme. I started aiming for the ‘star-flaming queen of night’ instead of for the stars. A few years ago, however, I did get to add a tiny contribution to NASA history, providing the solo vocal line in the background music (scored by British composer Richard Blair-Oliphant) for the documentary RocketMen, a joint BBC/Sony Pictures depiction of the first 50 years of the American space programme. The film had its initial cinematic release in Japan, and is now available on Netflix in the US. (Not, sadly, in the UK however.) 


Perhaps that will be the closest I ever get to participating in the space programme; at least I’ve been able to wear some suspiciously Star Trekkish costumes over the years…


RocketMen can be seen in the USA on Netflix.

A short preview is available here on YouTube:


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